I believe we’re beautiful in our own skin. We’re beautiful when we’re smiling, laughing until our bellies hurt, or in awe of our own bodies and all that we’re capable of. While as a photographer I know that this beauty lies within each of the women in front of my camera, it’s my goal to help you see it, too. 

Because at the end of the day, I want you to have these moments to look back on. I don’t want you to miss out on photos and memories, capturing a time you’ll never experience again. I don’t want you to wait until that “someday” when you’ll feel your best. I want you to make that someday today. I want you to embrace your beauty, your individuality, and all that makes you the woman you are. I’m just here to capture it so you don’t ever forget.

I'm known for making people feel comfortable in front of my camera.  It's casual, fun and by the end of a session, you'll know how to strike a pose on your own.  Don't be surprised if your selfie game levels up a notch or two.   There is no better feeling than loving your own images.  It's a game changer.  It was for me.  It can be for you too.

a Sonoma County, california based photographer!

Yvette Brackett


my favourite

Manarola, italy

Coastline, California

newmarket, new hampshire





Growing up there was always laughter in our house and nothing feels better than a good belly laugh.  Having a sense of humor has gotten me through many of life's situations.  I think it's important to be able to laugh at yourself and find the joy in silly moments.  Know any good jokes?  I'de love to hear them.

I love to laugh

I am married to my best friend.  We met in our Junior year of high school.  Only friends then, but over the years it turned into much more.  36 years later, we have two grown kids that are amazing human beings.  In the last few years we  begin traveling to other countries and love it.  We have regular date nights because hey you've got to keep the love alive right?

Married my best friend

My all time favorite is Italian because I was raised on it.  I'm talking authentic Italian food.  My grandmother immigrated here from Molfetta, Italy in 1935 and she loved to feed everyone.  You never left her house hungry!  One of the things I love about traveling is experiencing different foods from other areas.  I found out I also love Schnitzel.

I love all things food

Parties with family and friends are my absolute fav!  Especially if there's champagne!!  Love the bubbles!!  The best part about parties is spending time with the ones you love, hearing stories from days gone by and catching up on what's happening in everyone's life.  Dressed up or dressed down, party of 20 or party of 4, it's all good.

parties are my absolute fav!