With modern portraiture, your moment in time is captured in a way that is authentic to who you are. It’s captured in a way that showcases your beauty, and your individuality. 

Whether your portrait is to celebrate your family, a milestone, your accomplishments, your body, or all of the above, I’m here to capture it. I’m here to capture the emotions, the authenticity of being yourself, and the beauty that can only come from within.

Senior portraits capture such a unique and thrilling time in our lives. They celebrate closing one chapter and getting ready for the rest of your life to begin. They’re a nod to the you that you are and the you that you want to be. They capture these special moments and freeze them in time.  You deserve to feel celebrated! 

beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourslf

the Portrait experience



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It all starts with a conversation. We'll chat for a while and discover if we're a great fit. I like to hear what's happening right now for you that has you wanting a Portrait session and then I share with you how I approach this work, what I offer and answer any questions you have.

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Once you decided to book a portrait session we start planning.  We chat about what your personal style is, how you want to be photographed.  Do you want to get all glammed up with hair and makeup and some amazing clothes or are you more of a jeans and tee shirt kind of individual?  Whatever your personality, we make sure to set you up for a successful portrait session that represents you. 

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The day of your portrait session is all about fun.  Yes, you might be a little nervous (most people are), but don't worry, I'l guide you through the whole session.  You don't have to know how to pose or wonder where to put your hands or any of that.  That's my expertise and my super power is making people feel comfortable in front of the camera.

A day that's all about you


A couple weeks after your portrait session, we hop on a video call and take a look at your amazing images.  I can help you choose images if you need some help deciding.  You only buy what you love.  Once you decide on your favorites, the final edits are done, prints are ordered and I deliver your gorgeous images that you will have to cherish forever.  What an incredible gift for yourself or someone you love!

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Happy Client

"Yvette is gifted at making even the most camera shy, feel gorgeous.  Her in depth knowledge of posing to flatter every figure and her down to earth, calm demeanor are a pleasure to be around.  I don't typically enjoy being in front of the camera, yet she made me look comfortable in business portraits and stunning in bridal portraits."

Theresa Sayer ~ Dream on Salon
Happy Client

"I am beyond grateful for what Yvette did for me!  She made my senior photos express exactly who I am.  I have never felt so beautiful in my life!  Thank you so much Yvette Brackett Photography and thank you to my parents for doing this for me."

Happy Client

"We captured a moment, a very precious point in time... Kaitlyn was 17 and me 51.  It was the beginning of her senior year.  TAKE THE PHOTO. Get in the photo.  So often us moms are busy taking the photo rather than being in it and someday you will wish you were."

Folio packages start at $900

Let's keep it simple.  I only want you to buy what you love.  I'm confident once you see your images you'll love them all.   The session fee is required and then you decide from there.  You can purchase a la carte or a folio package.  Folios are beautiful hand made boxes from Italy with a window lid to display your gorgeous photos.  Each image within the folio is matted and ready to frame. 


the portrait package

Single images start at $150
Session Fee $250

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